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Is it easy to use Instant Web, how to control your domains and your services

Everything you need to know about how to make money with Instant Web

Computer Hacks, software and general issues

Documentation on how to use the cPanel control panel.

Custom development requests

Information on what domains are and how to use them.

Commonly asked questions and their answers.

Modems, phones, tablets and any harware sold by Instant Web

Everything you need to know about website hosting.

Invest / buy shares in Instant Web ICT (Pty) Ltd

Installation guides for websoftware, extensions and modules

The terms and conditions of Instant Web

Login methods

Designing of logos and icons for your website including favicon

Container commands, using OpenVZ, backups, limits, setup, ip addresses, users,

How to use the over the counter platform to buy or sell services within Instant Web (Pty) Ltd

The agreements moved to

Training, workshops, software/programs downloads, documentation,

Information on transferring your account to us.

Installations, security, plugins, issues,

WHMCS modules, addons

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