How to use and access your Instant Web account

How to access your account
Please take notice: Instant Web take security very serious and will not provide details to any person who is not registered with us or listed as an
LOGIN to your account by using the email address you used when creating your account with Instant Web.



  1. If you forgot the email account you used, please call 012 035 1155 or email with your current email address, name and surname, identity number and telephone number. One of the administrator will reset it for you once the details has been verified and checking out.
  2. If you know the email address that you registered, just simply use the Request a Password Reset function to reset your password. If you still experience issues, please follow step 1 procedure.



Our online system are fully automated and everything is controlled by what you want it to do and perform. Client registration wil always be free.
1. The first thing to do is to activate your affiliate/reseller account with Instant Web and we will pay you for every referral that takes up a service for as long as that referral are using our services. We pay upto 15% on products and services. Sorry no commission on domain names anymore.
2. Start by transferrring or to register a domain name with Instant Web Domain Registration Services.
3. Add your hosting account
You will receive an electronic invoice to settle.
5. In your online account with Instant Web you will be able to
Order products or services, register domain names, update, change or control your account, download, view, print or pay your invoices, submit, answer or view your support request with us, see all the email correspondence between you and us, you can add funds to pay for future invoices or use our knowledge base and stay up to date with our announcements.
The most importan of it all: View or withdraw the commissions you earn from referred clients in your enterprise reseller account.


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