How to start a Partnership Account

Become a reseller with Instant WebWe are offering partners a change to create their own branded hosting service business were we are not involved at all other than keep your domains on our registry and renting servers as described below to you. We are not involved in your customers, communicate with your customers or interfere at all. Your customers will not know we are owning the servers.

Here is two options: South African VPS hosting and Europe VPS hosting to choose from:

South African VPS hosting or virtual private servers provides you with a server of your own. VPS Hosting means that your content is hosted on a server which is separate from anyone else. You don’t share the RAM or hard drive space, etc with other sites.

The South African VPS hosting servers are located in secure, award winning data centres in South Africa. Our South African Virtual Private Servers are highly available, fast server for your local needs. If you require European VPS hosting.

We have a range of Linux VPS templates for you to choose from. You will be able to install or reinstall your OS from the Solus VM control panel. Please note that while we provide the following templates as standard, if you have a pre-existing / custom template you want installed, please do let us know and we’ll be happy to install it for you

Centos 6: Instant Web offers Centos Linux VPS Template CentOS 6 64bit
CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by a prominent North American Enterprise Linux vendor. CentOS conforms fully with the upstream vendors redistribution policy and aims to be 100% binary compatible. (CentOS mainly changes packages to remove upstream vendor branding and artwork.) CentOS is free.
Instant Web offers Fedora VPS TemplateFedora 17Fedora 17 64bit
Fast, stable, and powerful operating system for everyday use built by a worldwide community of friends. It’s completely free to use, study, and share.
Instant Web offers Ubuntu Linux VPS TemplateUbuntu 12: Ubuntu 12 64bit
Secure, fast and powerful, Ubuntu Server is transforming IT environments worldwide. Realise the full potential of your server with a reliable, easy-to-integrate technology platform.
Debian 6: Debian 6 64bit
Popular and influential Linux distribution, focuses on stability and security and is used as a base for many other distributions.
Instant Web offers Debian Linux VPS Template
Instant Web offers openSUSE Linux VPS TemplateopenSUSE 12.2: openSUSE 12.2 64bitopenSUSE is a general purpose built on top of the, developed by the community-supported openSUSE Project and sponsored by SUSE and a number of other companies

South African VPS Hosting Features

All of our South African VPS Hosting servers come standard with the following great features. Free custom WebCP Control Panel at no cost. If you prefer to host with a cpanel the cost is R150 per month extra.

Instant Web provides SSH - Full Root Access SSH / FULL Root Access   Instant Web provides No Setup Fees NO Setup Fees
Instant Web provides Many Linux OS VPS Templates OS Choices (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora)   Instant Web provides Optional CPanel WebCP control panel || Optional Cpanel (R150 / month)
Instant Web provides Unlimited Domains UNLIMITED Domains   Instant Web provides Unlimited Emails UNLIMITED Emails
Instant Web provides Unlimited Databases UNLIMITED Databases   Instant Web provides Unlimited FTP Accounts UNLIMITED FTP Accounts

INTRO VPS = R450.00 P/M

  • 200Gb Storage
  • 400Gb Traffic
  • 2Gb RAM
  • Data Centre – ZA




  • 300Gb Storage
  • 600Gb Traffic
  • 3Gb RAM
  • Data Centre – Europe



  • 500Gb Storage
  • 1,000Gb Traffic
  • 5Gb RAM
  • Data Centre – Europe




  • 600Gb Storage
  • 1,200Gb Traffic
  • 6Gb RAM
  • Data Centre – Europe





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