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Massive increase in spam and fishing messages

Malicious emails can only deploy a virus onto your computer after an action has been taken from your side. That is why it is so critical to remain vigilant when opening and reading emails SPAM ALERT: South Africa is under attack! Over the course of the past few weeks, many hosting companies seen a dramatic increase in SPAM ... Read More »


Beware of the newest email spam messages regarding mailbox full

Dear Client Please be aware that there is a new email format that hackers sent to lure you into clicking on a phishing link. The email mimic a warning email from cPanel that your email box is almost out of space or that you need to re-authenticate your email.  DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINKS. DELETE THE EMAIL. The content is similar to ... Read More »


Instant Web will remain open during the COVID 19 Lockdown

Following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of a country-wide lockdown as of midnight on 26 March 2020, we would like to reassure you that Instant Web will remain open and will continue to operate during this period as per essential services as a Telecommunications provider. We will be able to deliver sim cards over this period, but in ... Read More »


Planned STS maintenance - Samrand Data Centre

Earlier this year we experienced an issue with our backup power generators and required manual intervention. We did found that the STS switch was the issue and are now replacing them. We will be conducting planned maintenance on the Static Transfer Switch (STS) connected to your server(s) on Tuesday, 24 March 2020. This maintenance follows advice ... Read More »


Security and firewall update: Please do not ignore this notice as it has severe impact on your hosting account

Instant Web and Living Technologies ICT has for several years maintained a blacklist for spammers, hackers, spoofers and attackers. Due to nature of attacks that increased each year, up to 10 000 attacks per account per day, it has become burdensome for me to maintain this list and it take serious time out of my day to make sure that you do not ... Read More »


NOTICE: Instant Web switch to only one payment gateway: SNAPSCAN

Due to the load of payments that does not contain an invoice number, we urge you to download SnapScan on your mobile phone. All it take to pay us is to open snapcan, scan the barcode and press pay. It is easy to use and require 5 minutes of your time to install and add your details and your banking information. Take notice that your card must have ... Read More »


Upgrade to MySQL completed successfully

The upgrade on all the servers from MySQL 5.6 to 5.7 completed successfully and I do not see any errors on any of the servers that was upgraded. Please inform us should you experience any issues on your side. Lodge a support ticket || WhatsApp Instant Web Take notice that support tickets and WhatsApp messages are handled first in first out. You ... Read More »


Upgrades to MySQL 5.7 in progress: IMPACT SEVERE

IMPACT: ALL SERVERS WILL BE OFF FOR THIS UPGRADE Please take notice that Instant Web are upgrading our MySQL servers to the latest 5.7 version. All services related to email and websites will be severely impacted and down for the remainder of the upgrade. The servers will shut down at 22h00 and will be restored per account basis. You are ... Read More »


Massive DDOS Attacks and Microsoft Outlook

You may have followed the news last week that South African companies have been under Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. In (very) short perpetrators send such immense amounts of nonsense traffic to a company's servers that it effectively saturates the network bringing things to a standstill. Last week a number of ISPs were targeted. After ... Read More »


RAIN & CELLC Fixed LTE is down

Due to an issue on our communication API that is down, all networks relying on RAIN and CELLC is down.

We are attending to the issue

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