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Development/Companies/Designs/Marketing / Hour
R890.00/One Time
  • Development hours are used for planning, development, designing, training and deploying of websites, logo's, favicons, metatags, robot files, .htaccess files, search engine optimization, creating of web pages, changes, uploads, facebook pages, youtube channels, google+ pages, webmaster tools, analytics, twitter accounts and pages, sms, and so forth. Including but not limited to email templates, template changes, updates, upgrading of software, e-commerce platforms, mass email systems, website optimization, speed testing, app creation, logo creation, letterheads, business cards, branding, marketing, advertising, page layouts, colours and website launches. Development hours are not for installation or deployment of software, e.g. installing of modules or components. Development hours cannot be exchanged for support, incidents or installation hours or vice versa.

Support Time / Hour
R300.00/One Time
  • Support hours for advance support remotely via anydesk or skype. It can be any requests to upgrade, update or solving technical issues with your websites, servers, spyware, malware, ransomware or any web related support. This section includes support ticket requests, telephonic support. Support hours are not for installation or deployment of software, e.g. installing or development of modules or components. Support hours cannot be exchanged for development, incidents or installation hours.

Installation Time / Hour
R500.00/One Time
  • Installation of components, modules, plugins, addons, product/service configuration, widgets or any software program to be installed or configured, including but not limited to changes, uploads, downloads of software. Installation hours are not for development/support or incidents. Installation hours cannot be exchanged for support, incidents or development hours or vice versa.

  • This product is for the support fanatics who what to get support when they request it. It is a monthly subscription and 30 days of notice is required. The support give you 1 hour of support per month and is cheaper than once off single support request.
  • 1. Development of software (Coding, new, changes to code, etc,)
  • 2. Changes to website content
  • 3. New internet connection applications
  • 4. Domain dispute resolution
  • 5. Legal processes.
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