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Upgrades to MySQL 5.7 in progress: IMPACT SEVERE

IMPACT: ALL SERVERS WILL BE OFF FOR THIS UPGRADE Please take notice that Instant Web are upgrading our MySQL servers to the latest 5.7 version. All services related to email and websites will be severely impacted and down for the remainder of the upgrade. The servers will shut down at 22h00 and will be restored per account basis. You are ... Read More »


Massive DDOS Attacks and Microsoft Outlook

You may have followed the news last week that South African companies have been under Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. In (very) short perpetrators send such immense amounts of nonsense traffic to a company's servers that it effectively saturates the network bringing things to a standstill.┬áLast week a number of ISPs were targeted. After ... Read More »


RAIN & CELLC Fixed LTE is down

Due to an issue on our communication API that is down, all networks relying on RAIN and CELLC is down.

We are attending to the issue


Issues with login resolved, Proceeding with integration of Telkom LTE and Instant Web App.

I apologise for the inconvenience caused due to clients that are not able to login, update or topup services since yesterday. This is due to the integration with Telkom to replace CELLC fixed line internet with Telkom fixed line internet as well as the integration of our online app to ensure that you can manage your services with much more ease ... Read More »

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