WhatsApp number to convert from business to enterprise system

WhatsApp number to convert from business to enterprise system

Dear Client

The WhatsApp number of Instant Web (Pty) Ltd that was partly used to manually and with bot processes currently will effectively change to an enterprise number.

Number: 0736527925
When: 23 February 2023

Time: 20h00


It will impact the way we communicate now and the complete process will be handled by Instant Web Bot, IWAIA (IWA), and only in the case that the bot cannot answer you, then the inquiry will be transferred to available agents.

The number calling function will still be operational even after the transfer took place.

You will within the next 3 weeks be able to order and to topup most of the services through the AI Bot system and it will simply make communication completely better for you and us.


If you have any queries, please phone us on 0736527925 | 0120351155 or email us at Support

You will be able to now receive your invoices, reminders, notices and so forth via WhatsApp and Telegram. You can just login and connect your account.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

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