Uncapped Telkom Fixed LTE is here

Uncapped Telkom Fixed LTE is here

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We are exited to announce that we now offer two Telkom uncapped products without a contract. However, we only have limited cards available and is on a first order paid, first serve basis.

Orders open on 30/09/2021 at 12h00. Only 150 cards are available, thereafter a two week waiting period for delivering will apply.

These options for internet is a great stable replacement for the current capped Telkom cards.
Authorised Telkom Service Provider

Instant Web (Pty) Ltd is an authorized Telkom Service provider and wholesaler.

Here is the two available packages:

  1. Telkom uncapped business Fixed LTE, Only available from midnight to 7PM every day at a speed of 10Mbps for the price of R699 per month. Applications can be done here: https://instantbilling.co.za/cart.php?a=add&pid=407 
  2. Telkom uncapped smart combo is available 24 hours at 10Mbps for the price of R1100. https://instantbilling.co.za/cart.php?a=add&pid=408 
  3. R500 installation, configuration and courier fee are applicable to the order.

Existing prepaid or capped Telkom cards cannot be upgraded. These cards can be downgraded and cancelled with the normal 60 day notice period.

FUP Terms and conditions apart from the normal:

A notice period of 60 days are applicable before the 28 of the month prior to cancellation.

250GB data @ 10Mbps
Thereafter 50GB data @ 4Mbps
Thereafter 2Mbps unlimited data rest of the month
P2P/NNTP type traffic will be further throttled
Service changes between uncapped business and uncapped mobile is restricted to every 3 months
The business service will only function between Midnight and 7pm daily. Between 7pm and Midnight, there will be no data throughput and top-up data can be purchased at R15 p/GB
Users can also Top-up their Uncapped service. These Top-ups are not speed limited and will run at the best speed possible.

All Top-up Data trumps any other data threshold and will be used first (and depleted) before returning to the current bandwidth threshold.

Top-ups on Business Uncapped will be able to be used between 7pm and Midnight but will continue to be used if there is still unused data until it’s depleted before it moves back to the current threshold.

You can also request us to assist you in placing the order for you via:

WhatsApp: https://wa.me/27736527925

Telegram: https://t.me/InstantWeb

or by calling us on 012 035 1155

Thursday, September 30, 2021

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