Opening of Instant Web (Pty) Ltd online share trade platform

Opening of Instant Web (Pty) Ltd online share trade platform

It is with great pleasure to announce that Instant Web (Pty) Ltd OTC share trade platform will be open for the public share trading as from the 1st of July 2021.

Instant Web (Pty) Ltd is a private company that is registered in South Africa and the Companies Act prohibit private companies to sell shares to the public. We appointed Singular Systems (Pty) Ltd to list Instant Web (Pty) Ltd to legally trade our shares in the public and invite anyone to invest in Instant Web (Pty) Ltd.

It is a great step for us and we are glad to invite you to become part of Instant Web (Pty) Ltd.

I invite you to obtain shares in our company, whom you have  trusted to supply a service to you. It is a good investment strategy to also invest in the company you buy products/services from. That way, you invest in yourself and you in fact pay less for your products/services because you will earn dividends from Instant Web (Pty) Ltd.

On the 1st of July 2021, we will send you more information on where and how to register and buy shares in Instant Web (Pty) Ltd.

Be smart today and invest in technology. Make technology work for you, not the other way around!


Life is ruthless and our government is in war with their own people. People are unsure, tired and stressed out because they don’t know when this will change for the better. Businesses closed by the thousands with more than 40% unemployed people. Hope is bleak for a better tomorrow and most people are dependent on having a profitable business or a job to afford todays living which is getting harder every day.

But, the good news is that technology is hardly influenced by what happened with pandemics. In fact most people was forced to work from home, most people prefer to stay contactless and as far as possible away from crowds and the chance to get infected.


Do not get left behind in the technology industry that is growing faster than anything else in the world. You have the chance now to secure your future in Artificial Intelligence and become part owner of technology that will be a driving force of communication. Share in the profits of technology and make AI work for you. Your future, your family and your kids future is with technology that will work, even if you cannot.

Question: How would it have impacted your financial life if you knew before Bitcoin, Google, Facebook or Amazon launched into public and you could buy a small percentage of ownership for almost nothing?

@InstantWebBot is such opportunity. Invest in Artificial Intelligence, invest in IWAIA



Instant Web is about Technology, Artificial Intelligence Chat Bots that will become the new norm for communication between businesses and people. To interact with a business will become very easy, to order a product and get it delivered will be a breeze. Need answers now, it is in the questions you ask. Simple, fast and no need to install any more apps to use our technology.



Want to employ a sales team, client service desk or 24/7 product supply chain? Chat Bots is your answer for easy flow of conversations, interaction, closing of sale or completion of order processes without the hassle it normally take. Instant Web will change the landscape of interaction! And you can see in the short video how it will change people’s buying, delivery, payment and communications behavior. Instant Web launched a comprehensive online platform where you can test and build your own robot for free. Go and build yours today: 



Head over to @InstantInvestBot to start investing in technology we are deploying into the market with our very own AI Bot platform.

You can view and download the document here: 

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Telegram: @InstantWeb


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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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