Security and firewall update: Please do not ignore this notice as it has severe impact on your hosting account

Security and firewall update: Please do not ignore this notice as it has severe impact on your hosting account

Instant Web and Living Technologies ICT has for several years maintained a blacklist for spammers, hackers, spoofers and attackers.

Due to nature of attacks that increased each year, up to 10 000 attacks per account per day, it has become burdensome for me to maintain this list and it take serious time out of my day to make sure that you do not have to battle with the immense amount of spoofing and spam attacks.

You know that you are outright responsible for your own domain name, hosting account and email accounts safety and backups which Instant Web provided at no extra cost to you as our client. But, alas, Instant Web had to contract out these services to businesses that specialize in these fields and the specific products has been added for you to add to your hosting account.

These products are:

  1. Sitelock: Website security & malware protection for your website. You can read more about this here: For a mere R32 per month you can have complete protection for your website. 
  2. Complete email security: R44 per month per hosting account. See complete details here:
  3. VPN. Secure & protect your browsing experience. Never leave your information out there for anyone to see.
  4. Daily Backups that is offsite from your website hosting server. We will still keep 7 backups for your website, but it is on your account. Thus if it is hacked or encrypted, your backup data can also be lost. This is one alternative: CodeGuard: will be providing Acronis hourly cloud backups and we will inform you when it is available.
  5. Weebly page builder: We now offer a second website builder option apart from our Joomla builder that automatically is free for you to use. Weebly however is not free, but give you an alternative to the one we provide by default. You can view details here:

All news are not bad news. Instant Web is implementing Metric Billing for hosting accounts from the 1st of April 2020.

Instant Web normal cost is R150 per month or R1500 per year for a hosting account with a 10GB space limit. You will now be able to add only the services you want to use and pay only for the services you really require. It will no longer be one price fits all and this will save you some money.

All hosting accounts will still include the following software for free:

  1. Joomshaper Website Builder and templates, an easy to use inline website builder with no coding required.
  2. iSEO search engine optimization tool to easily help you to comply with search engines
  3. JCH speed optimizer. Google hate slow website and this handy tool make it a great addition.
  4. J2Store for ecommerce website. Easily build professional shops and sell your products.

Some other software like venue bookings, etc. are also available and can be installed on request.

If you got questions: WhatsApp me

Happy hosting.

Monday, March 23, 2020

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