NOTICE: Instant Web switch to only one payment gateway: SNAPSCAN

NOTICE: Instant Web switch to only one payment gateway: SNAPSCAN

Due to the load of payments that does not contain an invoice number, we urge you to download SnapScan on your mobile phone. All it take to pay us is to open snapcan, scan the barcode and press pay. It is easy to use and require 5 minutes of your time to install and add your details and your banking information. Take notice that your card must have a CVC number (3 numbers at the back of your card).

The benefits are:

  1. You will never have to struggle to pay Instant Web with the correct invoice number as the module automatically add the invoice and once your transaction is successful, your invoice will be paid.
  2. You do not have to log into a bank site to EFT. So less time spend and take the hassle out of remembering small details that is imperative to us.
  3. You never have to add your card details to our website or any third party website. You are much safer. It is contactless payment.

How to get the APP: and download the app for your phone. Install the app and add your personal details. Add your bank card you want to use, you can add more if you wish, and click save.

Once you receive an invoice from Instant Web, you can select SNAPSCAN as payment and you can just scan the code and complete payment.

Take notice: Credit cards and Payfast are no longer available. EFT/Cash/Direct transfer will be removed from 1st of April 2020.

Help us to make it easier. It saves time, cost and resources and it is directly related to support time. The more we save doing burdensome tasks the longer it takes us to support you.

For questions or assistance just WhatsApp us

Monday, March 23, 2020

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