Massive DDOS Attacks and Microsoft Outlook

You may have followed the news last week that South African companies have been under Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. In (very) short perpetrators send such immense amounts of nonsense traffic to a company's servers that it effectively saturates the network bringing things to a standstill. Last week a number of ISPs were targeted. After that it was the banks' turn with a number of major banks going offline for lengthy period. This weekend those attacks continued unabated and this morning a number of ISPs are experiencing downtime again as a result of those attacks.

While attacks on our servers did have a small effect other than spam emails, it certainly has affected other things. When networks are saturated, it causes all kinds of issues - clients may not be able to connect to our servers as their ISP is experiencing an attack. Telephone Calls that terminate to another provider may be problematic because they have network issues. All ISPs are interconnected in some way to be able to send and receive traffic to and from each other.

We will keep on monitoring the situation very closely and please ensure that you DO NOT CLICK ON LINKS IN SPAM MAIL promising stuff.

Especially the following domain extensions: .top, .xyz, .ru are some of the culprits. PLEASE NOTE: Mails containing extortion messages, e.g. we got your password and watching you, pay up or we will distribute your info on social media or domain renewals payable in $, mails containing your information must be ignored.

Due to WINDOWS 7 END OF LIFE a lot of email accounts cannot send out emails and once you change the security from port 465 to port 25 you will experience massive increase in spam. I suggest to clients that do not want to upgrade to Windows 10 or Office 365 to install Mozilla Thunderbird as an email program which is just as good as Microsoft Outlook and it is free and work as expected. We did not got any solution from Microsoft regarding this in over two weeks now.

Instant Web are starting to transfer its hosting accounts away from cPanel due to their massive price hike that saw a 1000% increase in pricing to DirectAdmin which will see a drop in hosting prices again. If you want to stay on cPanel, please let us know although we recommend DirectAdmin for costing. There is some functions that we have with cPanel that we do not have with DirectAdmin, but most clients does not even use their control panels at all and you will possibly not even notice the difference other than lower hosting cost.

Should you have any questions please login to: to log an support request.


Monday, October 28, 2019

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